Deadswitch is a no-access encryption dead man's switch, designed to protect data owners by enabling the targeted exposure of public interest material. This works by automating a specific function designed to release a decryption key to a predefined mailing list, and relies entirely on customer interaction to thwart. Crucial to this operation is our guarantee that only our customers, through their own interaction, are capable of stopping this process.

Who would use this?

Who would use this?

Those intending to investigate and expose public interest material whilst at risk of being rendered incapable. Although the general public fall into our target market, our services will most likely appeal to those with an interest in maintaining control over how what sensitive data they possess can be securely stored and distributed. This could include anyone from dissidents and investigative journalists, to government employees or whistleblowers.

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Those that challenge complacent beliefs in a just world.

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Those that refuse to surrender their own moral judgement.

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Those that champion the public interest in times of crisis.