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Our private beta is under way!

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  • by Deadswitch Team
  • 13-06-2019
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For those of you patiently following our hard work, we’re happy to announce that our first private beta has now launched. This testing phase is driven by hand-picked beta participants and aims to help us identify any performance related issues with our web app prior to public release. The feedback we gather during this stage will be crucial in enabling us to further our project development in a safe and secure way.

Once we've had an opportunity to identify and fix any potential bugs on our platform, we will be ready to launch the public beta. When ready, this version will naturally contain a plethora of new features. Besides being able to create your own dead man’s switches and deploying them in the cloud, you can also look forward to iOS and Android mobile apps for receiving notifications, a fully functional web API, and a few other useful tools made by the Deadswitch team, to follow and deploy right away.

We’re happy that Deadswitch continues to progress every day and look forward to opening our platform for future adoption by those that need it most. Our goal from the outset has been to protect data custodians and improve the availability of factual information within the public space. Launching our private beta is the first of many steps in that journey.

If you would like to pre-register your interest and receive updates regarding the platform, please consider subscribing here.

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